Shayne Bakewell

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Shayne Bakewell

Director and Principal Consultant

The secret weapon for clients facing legal battles and workplace disputes. Shayne has a deep understanding of the employee relations landscape both from a legal and human perspective.

With a sharp mind and a passion for Industrial and Employee Relations, Shayne helps his clients navigate complex tribunals and negotiate favourable outcomes. Often thinking outside the box, he develops innovative solutions that make a difference.

But Shayne’s expertise doesn’t stop there. He’s also an accomplished trainer who has a knack for making even the driest topics engaging and relevant. His passion for upskilling clients has made him one of the most sought-after trainers in the industry.

Shayne’s credentials speak for themselves. He holds a Bachelor of Commerce in Accounting and a Masters in Industrial Relations.

Before founding EMA Consulting in 1997, Shayne held senior positions at the South Australian Employers Chamber of Commerce and Industry, as well as various industrial relations roles within Ansett.

With Shayne on your side, you can rest easy knowing that you have a true expert in your corner. His combination of technical savvy, strategic planning skills, and training expertise make him an invaluable asset to any organisation.

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