EMA challenges traditional employee relations problem solving by offering both PREVENTION and CURE.

Employee Relations Advice and Leadership Services

Historically, Industrial Relations consulting firms acted as trusted advisors and problem solvers for employee-related issues that had escalated into crises.

At EMA, we go beyond traditional problem-solving and offer a wide range of services to enhance your organization’s resilience.

Our methodologies, training, and tools will help address cultural and management factors that contribute to employee relations issues and promote a high-performance culture by instilling accountable leadership.

Whether your organization is at the beginning or advanced stages of developing its leadership and performance culture, we have a comprehensive suite of employee relations services to meet your needs.

Products & Services

Employee Relations Consulting

We help limit your risk and reputational exposure and deliver robust outcomes through delivering trusted and experienced employee relations advice and support.

Accountable Leadership

High performing organisations don’t just happen by chance. Find out how global giants like Google, Intel, HP, Dropbox, Oracle, Spotify, BMW create enterprise resilience.

Workplace Investigations

Professional and effective mediation, investigation and advice regarding workplace bullying, harassment, and discrimination.

Leadership & Risk Management Software

The modern workplace benefits enormously from a wide range of software tools. Discover the tools we developed for own employee relations practice, and which are now available for our clients.


For more than two decades, across a vast variety of industry sectors, EMA Consulting has focused on providing clients with the knowledge that is necessary to manage employees consistent with the notion of a high-performance workplace.

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