Employment letter of offer software

Build great employment documents with ease

MyTeamOffers is designed to allow key personnel to build compliant and best practice employment offer documents and templates with limited access controls for managers to use finalise and store. MyTeamOffers is customised for the relevant industrial instruments applying to the organisation and is maintained by industrial relations experts to ensure the content within your documents and templates is compliant with relevant industrial laws and instruments as well as consistent with current industry best practice.

  • Transparency for an accountable culture
  • Real-time visibility and reporting across organisation
  • Industrial Risk Management
  • Full visibility and control of employment document usage
  • Access to industry best practice employment documentation
  • Assist Industrial Instrument application
  • Dynamic real-time document changes
  • Employment document history management for employees
  • Easy access and tracking of employment documentation for staff
  • Consistency for all staff

Employment documentation with clarity and compliance

Other Software

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MyTeamStarts, is designed to assist leaders consistently evaluate the right things whilst assessing new employees.

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My ER Library is designed to assist organisations build a comprehensive document management system for employee relations.

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