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Leadership and risk management software

Can software really do the job of leadership, managing risk, and improving employee relations?

No, not really. Not by itself. However, as a means of informing and assisting these important processes, our software is without equal.

“if you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it”

That’s the first thing our software delivers; measurement of workforce and management teams providing visibility on what’s happening with every employee in the organisation all the way to the shop floor.

The EMA Leadership & Risk Management software complements financial systems not by measuring financial transactions but by measuring and improving the management of the very engine room that delivers organisational outcomes – people.

Install our software and suddenly for the first time you have visibility on leadership outcomes and employee relations.

A set of human metrics to enable you to better explain the trends evident in your traditional financial dashboard.

The following software solutions are fully supported by the EMA Consulting team and were developed as part of the Accountable Leader program.

We provide…

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Software Solutions

Case Management Software

MyEms is designed to enable leaders, in conjunction with industry expert training, to consistently recognise and manage employee behaviour and performance.

Team Engagement Software

MyConversations provides organisations with a systematic means to assist leaders to develop the skills and commit the necessary time towards engaging in meaningful conversations with their teams.

Complaint Management

MyConcern is designed for organisations to be able to provide easy access for relevant persons with concerns, complaints and whistleblowing matters to a highly secure and confidential reporting system.

Incident Reporting Software

MySafetyEvents is designed for organisations and their staff to be able to access a simple yet effective enterprise incident and hazard reporting and management system at a reasonable price.

Probationary Management Software

MyTeamStarts, is designed to assist leaders consistently evaluate the right things whilst assessing new employees.

Policy Document Software

My ER Library is designed to assist organisations build a comprehensive document management system for employee relations.

Letters of Offer Software

MyTeamOffers is designed to allow key personnel to build compliant and best practice employment offer documents and templates with limited access controls for managers to use finalise and store.

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