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Leadership & Employee Relations

Employee Relations Consulting

Real-world employee relations capability

Workplace Investigations

Professional and effective mediation, investigation and advice regarding bullying, harassment and discrimination

Accountable Leadership

A leadership model used by some of the highest performing organisations in the world

Products & Services

Employee Relations Consulting

Delivering trusted, experienced, real-world Employee Relations advice and support. Find out about our extensive range of services.

Cultivating Accountable Leadership

High performing organisations don’t just happen by chance. They are designed, built and maintained. Understand some of the methods organisations like Microsoft, Intel, Harvard University, Red Bull, United Nations, and many others invest in this space.

Workplace Investigations

External, expert, and objective investigation of bullying, harassment, and discrimination.

Leadership & Risk Management Software

Consistently recognise and manage employee behavior, performance, and risk with this industry leading software.


A range of training methodologies and content to upskill leaders, HR & IR professionals to both positively impact workforces and manage the challenges of the modern and ever changing workplace as well.

Building High Performance Organisations

We integrate Employee Relations capability with a Leadership Model used by some of the most successful organisations in the world

High performing organisations manage and lead their people effectively

After over 20 years helping resolve employee relations issues, we saw a pattern.

Organisations that regularly have issues and those that don’t – are different.

There are many mitigating factors that obscure the truth; industries differ in their propensity for employee relations problems. Mix of labour types. Size of workforce. The number of Trade Unions involved. Organisations are endlessly complex.

But then we realised, organisations with effective leadership have less workplace problems.

This led us to discover that leadership is a much misunderstood and misused term. We set about defining “what is an effective leader?”

Which brings us to where we are today, a consulting practice that aims to provide both prevention and cure.

We provide the three primary service lines that our clients find most challenging – Employee Relations, Accountable Leadership, and Workplace Investigations.

The EMA Consulting team has spent combined decades working with organisations addressing workplace issues. We don’t come from theory; we come from practice.

EMA blends the hard-edge of employee relations with culture and leadership to provide a comprehensive end-to-end solution for building high performing resilient organisations.

Our offering includes innovative software solutions, training, and resources to help our clients to skill-up and manage their workplaces.

High performance in the workplace is founded on accountable leadership and practical employee relations.
We help organisations to get both right.


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