The new EMA Consulting

Employee relations is a constantly changing landscape and EMA Consulting is adapting.

EMA has adapted to new employment trends and offers an improved philosophy and tools for helping our clients manage their employment challenges.

The essence (because it’s a big story) of our new business philosophy is… we have developed a way of linking Leadership with Employee Relations Consulting.

This linkage addresses an identified workplace need; achieving the right behaviors can’t be done entirely by wielding the big stick (“comply with our policies and procedures or else”).

Truth is, this never was good practice but in the absence of skills for building and maintaining a performance culture, many employers resort to this blunt instrument.

We solve this problem by providing an effective tool to implement effective leadership.

We have codified something we have known for years; workplaces that have effective leadership have less workplace problems.

We know it’s more complex than that, however this is a clear and effective launching point for talking about our philosophy and our products and services, linking Leadership with Employee Relations is the new way we talk about our business.

More of an evolution than a revolution
As expert workplace consultants, we’ve seen a lot when it comes to company management practices and workplace culture and behaviours.

EMA blends the accountability of real leadership with the practicality of employee relations to provide a comprehensive end-to-end solution for building high performing – resilient – organizations

Our unique insight has helped us to identify the correlation between a positive workforce culture and greater workplace performance, and a lower incidence of workplace disputes and employee relations action. And, the fundamental impact that company leadership has on promoting a positive workforce culture.

We genuinely strive to assist companies to improve their ‘front-end’ leadership practices and processes that aim to reduce the need for our ‘back-end’ employee relations consulting services, that may often result in legal representation.

A focus on prevention as much as cure

We can also help you to cultivate accountable leadership, to provide the tools and knowledge philosophy that helps transform Managers into Leaders who build greater Employee Engagement, promoting High Performing Teams and a Better Workforce Culture.

It’s something that we are truly passionate about.

Our purpose is to positively impact organisational outcomes through better leadership and workplace relations.
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