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We help limit your risk and reputational exposure and deliver robust outcomes through delivering trusted and experienced employee relations advice and support

EMA Consulting has over 25 years’ experience advising clients across a wide variety of employment-related issues.

Our consulting services include advice, strategy, training, drafting employment instruments, workplace investigations, negotiation with unions, and advocacy before Fair Work Commission and other tribunals.

Our clients range from HR management to Executive-level across multiple industry sectors, both public sector and private enterprise, as well as employer associations.

We enable our clients to manage and continually improve their employee relations and business capability.

Key areas of expertise

We provide general advisory to enable organisations to mitigate problems before they occur and to ensure robust systems and procedures are in place to support both downsizing, business as usual, or growth.

We also provide experienced employee relations consultants to advise when industrial action is threatened or occurring, or an issue needs resolving.

Resolving disputes including Unfair Dismissal Conciliations and proceedings at the Fair Work Commission and other tribunals.

Advising and developing strategies and negotiating enterprise bargaining agreements for employers ensuring you achieve your goals, while also meeting your employee obligations.

Expert advice in relation to discrimination, harassment and bullying issues. Additionally, we are licensed investigators to assist organisations with managing in this space. See Workplace Investigations.

Concise, technically correct, and practical training and workshops customised to suit your needs. We deliver usable workplace skills, knowledge and advice to enable leaders and employees to have a positive impact/contribution in their workforce while remaining compliant with workplace legislation.

EMA Consulting has broad industry experience in a wide range of alternative dispute resolution techniques. We manage the process and help employers resolve workplace disputes in a timely manner.

Advising clients regarding processes from effectively managing employee discipline to advising on termination of employment, including contractual and statutory obligations for notice and termination payments, and dismissal because of poor performance or misconduct. Additionally, we are licensed investigators to assist organisations with managing in this space. See Workplace Investigations.

EMA Consulting understands the complex legal issues of remuneration, the importance of the commercial environment and stakeholder interests, legislative and regulatory law, and the consequences for both employer and employee upon termination.

Assisting executive management with strategic planning for Industrial and Employee Relations. Understanding your business ensures we lead clients seamlessly through what would otherwise be stressful situations. We develop innovative approaches.

External, expert, and objective workplace investigations services. Independence you can trust.

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Our Telephone Advisory Service provides you with timely telephone advice on employment and workplace related issues. Click here to find out more.

EMA Consulting provides real world advice, problem solving, and specialist services to solve workplace problems and employee relations issues.

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