Ashleigh Smith

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Ashleigh Smith

Director and Principal Consultant

Our fearless crusader in the pursuit of leadership truth, employer justice, and the legally compliant way; Ashleigh has a passion for leadership methods and coaching to develop high performing teams.

Director and Principal Consultant at EMA Consulting, Ashleigh’s passion lies in coaching leaders and helping them to bring out the best in their teams.

He’s known for his ability to provide practical, tailored advice that not only aligns with current legal principles and regulations but also drives performance and fosters positive workplace relationships.

Ashleigh’s expertise in leader-led management inspired him to develop The Accountable Leader, a leadership philosophy for providing managers with cloud-based software, training, and ongoing support needed to build trust, drive performance, and create a culture of accountability within their teams.

As a skilled coach, Ashleigh knows how to help leaders identify their strengths and areas for improvement. He believes that leadership is a journey and that everyone has the potential to be a great leader with the right guidance and support.

At EMA Consulting, we’re proud to work with Ashleigh and support his vision of helping leaders become the best they can be. With his guidance and coaching, our clients can build stronger, more effective teams and achieve their goals with confidence.

Whether you’re facing complex legal challenges or looking to upskill your leadership team, Ashleigh has the expertise and experience to guide you on your journey. With his help, you can become an accountable leader who inspires and empowers your team to achieve great things.

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