Amity LeQuesne

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Amity LeQuesne

Administration Assistant

A vital cog in the EMA machine who keeps the wheels turning and lubricated with trouble solving solutions.

Amity is our friendly and efficient Administration Officer at EMA Consulting. Her talent is providing vital backup and administrative heavy lifting to keep the wheels of EMA turning.

With a genuine passion for helping people, she brings a can-do attitude and a proactive problem-solving mindset to her role.

Amity is currently studying a Health Science-related degree and we are excited to see where her education, knowledge and skills will take her to where she can continue making a positive impact.

Meanwhile, at EMA, Amity is responsible for ensuring the smooth running of day-to-day operations, from managing office supplies and scheduling training, to providing exceptional customer service to clients. Her attention to detail and organisational skills help keep the team on track, and her positive energy and can-do attitude create a welcoming and productive work environment.

Every organisation needs an Amity but not every organisation can have one. We are privileged to be supporting her career objectives and encourage her study. It might mean that one day we lose her, but helping someone achieve their career objectives and ambitions is the greatest joy and part of the purpose of business.

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