Workplace incident and hazard reporting software

Simply manage hazards and incidents well

MySafetyEvents is designed for organisations and their staff to be able to access a simple yet effective enterprise incident and hazard reporting and management system at a reasonable price. MySafetyEvents allows users to easily report workplace events or requirements including hazards, incidents, maintenance events and quality system requirements to allow the organisation to manage, correct and report against in real time. The essential functionality of MySafetyEvents at all levels of the organisation, including leaders and their team members increases confidence that critical issues are able to be raised and managed within the appropriate timeframes.

  • Transparency for an accountable culture
  • Real-time visibility and reporting across organisation
  • Confidence with Risk Management Processes
  • Assist compliance with WHS ‘Due Diligence’ obligations for Officers
  • Full visibility of all safety related incidents and hazards
  • Real-time insights & reporting of management and corrective actions
  • Timely interventions
  • Dynamic real-time mentoring for all staff in the management of safety related incidents and hazards
  • Empowerment and confidence with team relationships
  • Increased team morale and productivity
  • Retention of valuable staff
  • Accountable culture
  • Increased team morale and productivity
  • Confidence and transparency in safety reporting and management processes
  • Retention of valuable coworkers

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