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Michael Eleftheriou


An experienced consultant with expertise in contracts of employment, investigations, dispute resolution, and advocacy.

Introducing Michael, a Consultant at EMA Consulting, with a wealth of experience and expertise in Employee Relations. Michael’s areas of focus include contracts of employment, investigations, dispute resolution, and advocacy, all of which he approaches with a unique blend of professionalism, tenacity, and dedication.

Michael’s qualifications are a testament to his commitment to excellence, including a Bachelor of Laws from Adelaide University, a Graduate Diploma in Legal Practice from the College of Law, and a Master of Economics through the University of New England. Prior to joining EMA, Michael gained extensive experience as a legal officer in a large corporation, giving him valuable insights into the complexities of Employee Relations.

At EMA Consulting, Michael is dedicated to helping clients achieve their business objectives by providing practical, effective solutions to even the most challenging Employee Relations matters. His approach is collaborative and client-focused, and he takes the time to build strong relationships with his clients, earning their trust and confidence through his expertise and dedication.

If you’re seeking an Employee Relations expert who can help you navigate the complexities of contracts of employment, investigations, dispute resolution, and advocacy, Michael is the ideal consultant for you. With his extensive experience, qualifications, and proven track record, you can trust him to deliver exceptional results and help you build a successful, thriving organisation.

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