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Rachel Smith


Well rounded expertise in human resource management, specifically Employee Relations, leveraging her knowledge to achieve positive outcomes for both organisations and employees.

Introducing Rachel Smith, our newest addition to the Consulting team. With years of practical experience in HR, Rachel has made a significant impact in the Aged Care and Disability sectors, particularly in the realm of Employee Relations. She has been involved in complex and diverse Industrial Relations matters, including EA negotiations, demonstrating her expertise and versatility.

Rachel’s educational background further enriches her HR acumen. She holds a Bachelor of Psychology (Honours) from UNISA, which provides her with a deep understanding of human behaviour and dynamics in the workplace. In addition, she has pursued her passion for Human Resource Management through a Graduate Certificate and a Master’s degree in Management (Human Resource Management), both obtained from UNISA.

With her strong background in HR, combined with her commitment to delivering exceptional results, Rachel is a valuable asset to our clients. With Rachel’s guidance and expertise, organisations can navigate the complex landscape of Industrial Relations with confidence and achieve sustainable success.

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