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Phoebe Chesser


An experienced consultant with a passion for helping clients navigate the world of Employee Relations.

Meet Phoebe, a Consultant at EMA Consulting, with a passion for helping clients navigate the intricate world of Employee Relations. Her expertise spans a broad range of areas, including contracts of employment, policies and procedures, investigations, and disciplinary issues.

Phoebe’s qualifications speak to her commitment to excellence, including a Master of Human Resource Management and a Bachelor of Psychological Science from the University of South Australia. She brings a unique perspective to her work, leveraging her background in psychology to understand the human element of any Employee Relations matter.

At EMA Consulting, Phoebe is dedicated to delivering exceptional service to her clients, working closely with them to identify their unique needs and develop tailored solutions to meet their objectives. Her approach is collaborative, and she takes the time to build strong relationships, earning trust through her expertise, professionalism, and dedication.

As a consultant who can help you navigate the complex world of Employee Relations with confidence and expertise, Phoebe is an excellent choice. With her unique perspective, qualifications, and commitment to excellence, she can help you achieve your business objectives and manage sensitive organisational issues.

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