Richard LeQuesne

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Richard LeQuesne

Director and Principal Consultant

Qualified academically and with real world experience at the ‘coalface’ Richard is an expert in providing practical and effective solutions to complex employee relations issues.

A highly respected Director and Principal Consultant at EMA Consulting, Richard has over 25 years’ experience in human resource management. Richard has developed a notable reputation as an expert in the areas of Employee and Industrial Relations.

Richard’s impressive career history includes holding senior HR management positions in a diverse range of industry sectors, such as banking, facility services, health, and disability services. He has established a track record of building strong and collaborative relationships with clients, negotiating agreements, resolving disputes, and conducting complex workplace investigations with expertise.

Richard’s greatest strength lies in his ability to provide practical and effective solutions to complex issues, thanks to his expertise in simplifying intricate problems. His practical approach is highly valued by clients, and he has a reputation for being results-driven.

Richard is formally qualified in Business and Management, with a major in Human Resources and Industrial Relations.

His extensive knowledge, industry experience, and impressive achievements make him an invaluable resource for EMA Consulting and a highly sought-after consultant for clients seeking expert guidance in the field.

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