Issue 20 2021 - New Nurses Award from September 2021

Updated: Jun 28

The Fair Work Commission has published the 2020 version of the Nurses Award, which will apply from 9 September 2021. Employers will need to review the new version and ensure that, once it commences, their systems and practices are compliant with all updates and variations.


The Fair Work Commission recently published its decision regarding the outstanding matters in the review of the Nurses Award 2010, as part of the four-yearly modern award review.[1] The new award is substantially updated, including changes to its name (to reflect the date 2020) and clause numbers.

The new modern award can be viewed on the Fair Work Commission’s website, and will commence from 9 September 2021.

Employers should:

  • review contracts of employment and use the updated name of the award from September;

  • review the new award to ensure their knowledge is current; and

  • consider the impact on negotiations for new enterprise agreements, as well as the explanatory documents that must be provided to employees in the voting process.

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[1] 4 yearly review of modern awards—Nurses Award 2010 [2021] FWCFB 4504.


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