Understanding the Fair Work Act

About this course

Understanding the Fair Work Act and industrial relations is a critical business issue, with potential significant impact. Don’t let unions and employees explain their version of the rules – build your understanding first.

Industrial relations is a now critical business issue, with potential significant impact.

It is no longer a “soft skill”.

Can you answer these questions?

  • How do we know which award applies – and what if we get it wrong?

  • What rules apply if I want to restructure my business, or part of my business?

  • What are the special risks when we take over another business?

  • What do we do if a union wants to come on site?

  • Exactly what is “adverse action” and how do we avoid massive penalties?

  • Can workers claim bullying as an excuse?

Maximum number of attendees:

​24 at EMA Consulting training facility
24 at client premises

Who should participate?

This course is designed for operational managers and HR professionals. It will provide the confidence you need in the key aspects of the national industrial relations system and the Fair Work Act 2009.

Relevant to

  • Leadership
  • Employee Relations

Course Content

Industrial Relations is more technical and complex than ever. In some areas, even employers who make innocent mistakes are suffering significant penalties. Even though you probably understand many aspects, do you feel there are gaps in your knowledge? Don’t let unions and your employees explain their version of the rules – build your understanding first.

Provides knowledge and practical skills in:

  • The Common Law Contract of Employment

  • National Employment Standards

  • Continuous service

  • Awards

  • Enterprise Agreements

  • Dismissal and discipline

  • Restructure and redundancy

  • Workplace Bullying and Stop Bullying orders

  • Union Right of entry

  • Industrial Action

  • General Protections (Adverse Action)

  • Transfer of business

Course Details

Group Training

Full Day Course

Available Face-to-face or online


($4,100 for clients with a current MyEms Subscription)

NB: Excludes GST, room hire, catering and reasonable travel and accommodation expenses when face-to-face training us delivered outside of the Adelaide metropolitan area.

For all enquires
please email us at [email protected]

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