Investigation & Disciplinary Management (Individual Booking)

About this course

Workplace investigations can be a difficult and time consuming process, and often organisations are needlessly exposed to risk. This course dispels the myths surrounding workplace investigations and managing employees.

Workplace investigations can be a difficult and time consuming process that can expose organisations to legal risk if not properly managed. To enable leaders to approach issues with improved confidence, our investigation and Disciplinary Management programs contain the following three modules:

  1. Management v. Leadership
  2. The Legal Framework
  3. Case studies using MyEms to manage employees utilising the Investigation and Disciplinary Management Process

Who should participate?

These courses provide foundational knowledge, consequently no prior knowledge or experience of investigations and employee management is required. The program is designed to support leaders at all levels within organisations that subscribe to MyEms

Relevant to

  • Leadership
  • Employee Relations

Course Content

Investigation and Disciplinary Management (Individual Booking)

This program focuses on providing leaders with knowledge and skills associated with the informal stages of the investigation and disciplinary management process.

At the end of this training program, learners will be able to:

  1. Identify the broad tests that are applied to determine if a dismissal or other disciplinary action is unfair.
  2. Identify the key principles associated with a Valid Reason to take disciplinary action.
  3. Identify when file notes should and should not be utilised to record issues.
  4. Identify how to mitigate the risk of adverse action, stress and workplace bullying claims.
  5. Undertake preliminary investigations.
  6. Conduct effective counselling meetings and maintain appropriate records.


This training is delivered via a blend of self-paced and facilitated online training. Upon payment, learners are provided with access to our self-paced learning platform (BuzzWiser). When the self-paced element has been successfully completed, learners will then receive instructions to enrol in an interactive online session (approx. 3 hours duration). Learners have the option to select from multiple session times. To complete the full program, learners must complete both the self-paced and facilitated online elements.

Course Details

Mix of self-paced learning and facilitated online learning

$685 (ex GST)

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