Absenteeism Management

About this course

Managing day-to-day absenteeism issues can be tricky. Attendees will be provided with an understanding of the relevant laws and best practice processes for assessing and managing different types of absences in the workplace.

Do you know how to manage it? This training course will focus on the day-to-day absenteeism issues that arise in the workplace. Attendees will be provided with an understanding of the relevant laws governing absenteeism management, along with the best practice processes for assessing and managing the different types of absences that can occur with employees and then be presented with a number of case studies to apply their knowledge to.

Maximum number of attendees:

​24 at EMA Consulting training facility
24 at client premises

Who should participate?

This course caters for Managers and Supervisors who are required within their day-to-day duties to manage employees.

Relevant to

  • Leadership
  • Employee Relations

Course Content

Provides knowledge and practical skills in:

  • applying the correct processes of absence investigation and management

  • identifying effective systems and tools for capturing data and reporting effectively on absenteeism and the management of absenteeism

  • assessing different categories of absences

  • preparing a best practice policy in line with the relevant laws


Absenteeism issues included in this course:

  • Long-term illnesses

  • Frustration of employment 

  • Excessive absences

  • Fraudulent claims for leave

  • Patterns to absences

  • Late attendances

  • Notification issues

  • Medical certificates

Course Details

Group Training

Full Day Course

Available Face-to-face or online


($4,100 for clients with a current MyEms Subscription)

NB: Excludes GST, room hire, catering and reasonable travel and accommodation expenses when face-to-face training us delivered outside of the Adelaide metropolitan area.

For all enquires
please email us at [email protected]

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