Telephone Advisory Service (TAS)

EMA Consulting’s Telephone Advisory Service (“TAS”) enables employers and their nominated managers to obtain instant telephone advice on employment and workplace related issues.

TAS is priced at an extremely economical fixed rate that any employer can afford. Clients can make calls on our toll-free number for up to 15 minutes on any new issue, and there is no limit on how many times a client can access the service. Where the matter is of a particularly technical nature or has the potential to cause significant risk to the client, EMA Consulting may recommend written advice or other services as necessary.

TAS is provided by experienced and professional consultants who actively practice in the areas of industrial relations and general human resource practice. Subscribers are assured of professional and practical advice at all times.

Enquiries can be made on any employment related matters, including:

  • Rates of pay and entitlements

  • Employee management, including discipline and termination

  • Strategy, negotiation and drafting of workplace agreements

  • Industrial dispute strategy and negotiation

  • Restructuring and redundancy

  • Equal employment opportunity

  • Harassment in the workplace

  • Starting employment and probationary periods

  • Policies and procedures in the workplace

  • Workplace Health & Safety

Given the risks in making wrong decisions as an employer, subscribing to TAS makes a lot of business sense.



Employees Employed Service Fee Per Annum (1st user) Additional Users (per person thereafter)
0-10 $305.00 $50
11-20 $435.00 $50
21-50 $570.00 $50
51-100 $705.00 $50
101-200 $835.00 $50
201-350 $970.00 $50
351-500 $1100.00 $50
501+ $1240.00 $50

Note: Prices for associations will be available upon request.

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