1 July, 2024

New Rights for Workplace Delegates

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3 June, 2024

Annual Wage Review: Minimum Wages to Increase by 3.75%

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26 March, 2024

Paid Parental Leave Set to Increase

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19 March, 2024

Fair Work Changes Checkup Series: Is Your Change Management Plan Ready For 2024?

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13 February, 2024

Parliament Passes the Second Half of the Closing Loopholes Bill

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11 December, 2023

Parliament splits the Closing Loopholes Bill and passes the first half

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6 December, 2023

Changes to fixed to fixed-term contract rules starts 6 December 2023

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17 November, 2023

Entry to hold discussions includes seeking signatures on a petition

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31 October, 2023

What can I do if my employee has been charged or convicted with a crime?

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13 September, 2023

High Court Rules that Qantas Did Take Adverse Action in relation to a Future Potential Right

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10 August, 2023

Procedural Fairness in Workplace Investigations

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18 July, 2023

More Fair Work Act Changes – the Protecting Worker Entitlements Act

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2 June, 2023

Annual wage review: minimum wages to Increase by 5.75%

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2 May, 2023

Psychosocial Hazards

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28 April, 2023

Annual CPI hits 7.0%

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3 April, 2023

Full Court finds that employer must ask employees to work on a Public Holiday

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decorative image for blog on science and engineers receiving penalty rates

1 March, 2023

Your Scientists and Engineers may soon be entitled to penalty rates

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decorative banner image for blog article on 15% pay increase for aged care workers

22 February, 2023

15% Pay increase to expanded group of aged care workers from 30 June 2023

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decorative banner for blog article on domestic violence leave and payslip requirements

25 January, 2023

Family Domestic Violence leave and payslip requirements

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decorative banner for blog article on legislative amendments to enterprise agreement and bargaining approval

5 December, 2022

Legislative amendments – Enterprise agreement bargaining and approval

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