Chris Ridings

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Chris Ridings

Principal Consultant

Expert in strategy and complex employee relations issues across a range of industries and functions.

Chris is a highly experienced Principal Consultant at EMA Consulting, specializing in business strategy. With a wealth of knowledge in employee relations and operational executive roles, Chris has worked across multiple industries and functions, providing him with a unique perspective on problem-solving.

At EMA Consulting, Chris is responsible for undertaking specialist reviews of complex matters for all clients, demonstrating his expertise and attention to detail. He has a proven track record of building collaborative client relationships and successfully negotiating tenders and contracts. Chris also takes a balanced approach to managing local versus global objectives, always keeping the client’s best interests in mind.

With his confident public persona and excellent communication skills, Chris is adept at putting clients at ease and guiding them towards successful outcomes. His passion for creating effective business strategies is evident in his work, and he is always developing innovative solutions to drive client success.

If you’re seeking a consultant capable of offering expert guidance and delivering tangible results, Chris is an exceptional choice. His experience, knowledge, and passion for strategy make him an asset to any organisation looking to take their business to the next level.

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