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Most modern awards have now been varied to include the new model terms for annual leave. The model terms were previously finalised in a decision of the FWC and provided for cashing out annual leave, leave in advance, annual leave payments and excessive leave. Read More


In a recent decision,1 the Fair Work Commission (“FWC”) found that a Notice of Employee Representational Rights (“NERR”) issued outside the 14 day time frame rendered the resulting enterprise agreement invalid and unable to be approved. Read More


What is meant by ‘high income threshold’ and ‘compensation cap’ for unfair dismissal applications, and what are the new amounts for this financial year? Read More

welcome to ema consulting

EMA Consulting is a consultancy firm specialising in Industrial Relations (IR) and Work Health and Safety (WHS).

EMA Consulting provides contemporary IR and WHS solutions for business, including
consultancy, training and products to assist businesses.

We have offices in Adelaide and Melbourne that service employers from sole traders and partnerships through to some of Australia’s largest organisations, public and private across all states of Australia.

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