For more than two decades, across a vast variety of industry sectors, EMA Consulting has focused on providing clients with the knowledge that is necessary to manage employees consistent with the notion of a high-performance workplace.

Consequently, our training is focused on distilling workplace laws and best practice principles so that participants augment both their knowledge of relevant laws and their understanding of best practice processes.

All training courses undertaken at our training facility are conducted in compliance with our COVID Safe Plan.


Poorly conducted disciplinary meetings destroy relationships with employees and unnecessarily expose the organisation to legal risk. This program ensures that managers are well equipped to handle the difficult conversations that arise during the disciplinary process.


Managing day-to-day absenteeism issues can be tricky. Attendees will be provided with an understanding of the relevant laws and best practice processes for assessing and managing different types of absences in the workplace.


Understanding the Fair Work Act and Industrial relations is a critical business issue, with potential significant impact. Don’t let unions and employees explain their version of the rules - build your understanding first.


Contact Officers are often the initial point of contact for a complaint and an integral part of any rational business approach to managing the risks posed by inappropriate and unlawful behaviour in the workplace.


Supervision Essentials course is ideally suited to the new manager - who is responsible for a team of employees for the first time. It covers the essential requirements when making the transition to a leadership position.


Workplace investigations can be a difficult and time consuming process, and often organisations are needlessly exposed to risk. This course dispels the myths surrounding workplace investigations and managing employees.


Any form of unreasonable behaviour creates a risk to health and safety. This course explores unsafe behaviours (workplace bullying and harassment) and in doing so ensures that attendees are fully aware of their obligation to behave in a manner that does not create a health and safety risk.


Most consider that EA Negotiation is what happens once opposing parties start the negotiation process around the bargaining table. However, the groundwork for a successful negotiation is laid well in advance.


We combine our knowledge of employment law with our consulting experience to deliver training that provides simple and practical guidance aimed at compliance and best practice.


Ensure that leaders at all levels have the knowledge and skills to be able to consistently manage performance and behaviour. Consistency bolsters trust in leadership.


Contains all relevant course information and scheduled public training for the current financial year.

EMA Consulting partners with Buzz-ER and provides all employment related training services under The Accountable Leader brand

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