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If you are a time challenged HR manager or busy running a business, finding time to keep on top of changes in workplace legislation and applicable best practice processes is complex and challenging. 

EMA Consulting maintain a library of over 138 ER contracts, policies, procedures and associated documents - which we update with changes in legislation and industry best practice. Guidance Notes in relation to the correct use and application are included with each document. 


Speak to one of our consultants or download the ER Policies via the order form.

In addition, our partner The Accountable Leader offers an online subscription service to our full library of employment contracts, ER and WHS policy suites. Click here for more information


EMA Consulting's Management Guide for Right of Entry (ROE Guide) provides constitutional employers with an easy to use management process for understanding their rights and obligations when entry is sought to a site under the Fair Work Act 2009 (Act), by registered employee organisations.

Given the risks associated with managing right of entry for registered employee associations, understanding this area of the law makes a lot of business sense.

Pricing for the ROE Guide is also included in the order form.



Enterprise Bargaining resources for employers seeking Enterprise Bargaining Agreements with employees in accordance with the Fair Work Act 2009. General Guidance Notes – Enterprise Bargaining (Preparation & Commencement)

EMA Consulting partners with Buzz-ER and provides all employment related training services under The Accountable Leader brand

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