Issue 42 2020 - New Construction awards from March 2021

Updated: Jun 28

The Fair Work Commission continues to finalise its overhaul of technical and drafting matters in all awards under the 4-year review. It has now published 2020 versions of four construction industry awards, each with an operative date of 1 March 2020.


The Fair Work Commission has published new versions of the following awards:

  • Building and Construction General On-site Award 2010

  • Joinery and Building Trades Award 2010

  • Mobile Crane Hiring Award 2010

  • Plumbing and Fire Sprinklers Award 2010

The new awards are substantially updated versions, with an appropriate name change to reflect the date 2020, and changes to some clause numbers.

Some substantive matters remaining outstanding and these will be resolved by future variations.

The new versions can be accessed on the modern awards list on the FWC webpage. They will commence operation from the first full pay period on or after 1 March 2021.

Employers should:

  • plan to review letters of offer and use the updated name of the award from March;

  • review the new awards to ensure their knowledge is current; and

  • consider the impact on negotiations for new enterprise agreements, and the explanatory documents that accompany any vote.

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