Issue 37 2020 - SA “Lockdown” and Restrictions – EMA business as usual

Updated: Jun 28

As South Australia enters an unprecedented six-day period of significant restrictions introduced to control a COVID-19 cluster, EMA Consulting remains ready and able to assist as usual.


EMA Consulting was well-prepared for such an event. Our staff began working from home yesterday. During the initial wave a few months ago, we were able to establish very effective technology and communication networks to ensure we could still service and assist our clients effectively and in a timely manner throughout these times.

Our switchboard line (08) 8203 1700 is operating as normal and you can be put through to any of our team to whom you would like to speak.

If you have a Consultant’s mobile phone number, you can of course call them on that – or email as usual. All staff will be available throughout their normal working days.

At the time of writing, all restrictions are not precisely identified in full detail – the SA Police Commissioner has promised that further information will come later today.

If you are unsure about your rights and obligations with employees in the current circumstances, we are available and we can advise and assist you through this time.

Require further information/assistance?

If you require further information or advice, please contact one of our consultants.