Issue 18 2021 - Microsoft recognition for The Accountable Leader and Buzz-ER

Updated: Jun 28

We thought it important for all EMA Consulting clients to be aware of the success that Buzz-ER (and The Accountable Leader) is having in helping clients conveniently and robustly manage a range of leadership and workplace relations issues. The cutting-edge use of cloud technology and genuine subject expertise has recently been recognised in an online news article on the Microsoft News Centre.


We are proud to be featured by Microsoft in their 22 July article Buzz-ER turns to cloud and AI to optimise enterprise leadership. The vision of finding unique, proactive tools to strengthen leaders to resolve issues before they become problems is now being seen globally.

What is The Accountable Leader?

At EMA Consulting we are often reacting to issues that could have been resolved through effective leadership in the first instance. Our directors wanted to find ways to work with organisations in a more proactive way.

The Accountable Leader is an integrated program focused on:

• helping organisations design what leadership means for them;

enabling that leadership at all levels in the organisation; and then

• assisting the organisation use data to maintain accountability for that leadership.

Buzz-ER was created to assist organisations to become more resilient and self-reliant through convenient and accurate tools and training. The first area of focus was leadership; hence The Accountable Leader was formed.

At the Accountable Leader, we approach things differently.

For further information

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